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vSphere is the industry-leading compute virtualization platform, and your first step to application modernization. It has been rearchitected with native Kubernetes to allow customers to modernize the 70 million+ workloads now running on vSphere. Now, modern containerized applications can be run alongside existing enterprise applications in a simple and unified manner using vSphere with Tanzu.

Compare vSphere Editions

Find the best option for your virtual infrastructure and cloud platform.

  • Standard: Server Consolidation and Business Continuity
  • Enterprise Plus: Resource Management, Simplified Lifecycle Management, Intrinsic Security, Resiliency and Performance for Enhanced Applications

Explore options for highly available IT infrastructure for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) sites.

  • ROBO Standard: Business Continuity and Backup Features
  • ROBO Advanced: Standardization of Host Configurations
  • ROBO Enterprise: Data Security Through Encryption

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